Sorry to hear. It is sad when children are separated from either parent, but sadly sometimes the adults unduly influence the children. I was recently at a party, the parents were divorced but both were there. I only met them recently and they are friends of my friend. The son is a handful and uses the parents disconnect to his advantage against the father. The son started on the father, but to everyone's surprise (and I only know this from hearing from people)the mother turned to the son and said he is your father and if you cannot show respect you can leave. The son continued and then his sister jumped in and the mother stopped her on the spot. My friend said this was the first time in the 15 years she has known the family that the mother stood up for the father and not sided with the children--for 10 years they were married and the five years since the divorce. Even adults grow up and realize they have unknowingly hurt the children and the other parent. One person made the comment she finally realized marriage should have been between the two of them and not her and her children-that is sad.

So there is hope that the children will realize your true love for them and the other parent will support your relationship and realize the two of you can have a relationship with the children. It is not an him or me.

I live in a very disconnected situation from the CSA and other issues with my children. But for me the separation is and has allowed me to heal because sometimes words and actions are destructive to the healing process. I will always love my children and will be there for them and help when I can but will not allow their actions to deter healing.

My thoughts and hopes are with you on resolving the situation with your ex and children.