Lost Mtn: excellent, interesting thread. I read the article and I, too, am just so tired of the "sky is falling" antics of the ultras. It was just insulting to read. I tend to think along the same lines as Gary. MF relationship does not mean M attracted to a little girl, or F attracted to a little boy.

Matt. I am so naive. What in the world did I just read? I can not believe dialogue such as this actually exists, being passed off as truth. Thanks for the links... I can now debate marriage on an intellectual level- NOT. btw...wonder how my single parenthood caused by being "widowed" fits in. My youngest was still in school at the time.
I even read some of the comments listed below the article... oh, Lord.

I clicked on the second link and just couldn't go with the lack of respect for the IQ in the intro so I closed it down.... perhaps mine is lower than I thought.
For now we see through a glass, darkly.