Just got a PM from one of the guys and was reminded I hadn't posted in a while.

Have settled the kitty thing for now, important because they're my anchor. Beige one (Maggie), a temp foster, recovered. Took Charlie Chaplain as a permie. Maggie's an older female used to being the only cat, so she didn't get along with him and scared him a bit. I went back and also brought in the black one I'd previously fostered - a buddy for Charlie - Maggie still was hissy, so she went back Friday to be adopted to an appropriate home...soon, I hope.

Charlie ("Little Guy") and Nero ("Big Guy") are like younger/older brothers. Unusual for cats, they clicked immediately. Nero, to me, is the perfect cat. Big (20 lbs/9 kilos?), affectionate, talkative and very tolerant of the younger cat, including playtime...Nero let's the smaller Charlie "win" wrestling matches (lol...one swipe of Nero's Very Large Paw would probably otherwise end it). Charlie's very playful and affectionate, right down to what I call "kat kisses"...nibbles on my nose. They're both relieved to have the "bitch" gone.

Physically, I'm dealing. Energy's okay. Painful sinus infection/headaches one side the past couple of weeks that seem to be exacerbated by the heart meds for a few hours after I take 'em, but nothing else. Mentally, I feel I'm improving but not quite "there" yet. Sense of humor is, frankly, MIA. Occasionally feeling discouraged at the unexpected side-effect issues since the heart attack: headaches (some severe) that come and go, trots that come and go. I find myself asking, "oh crap, nowwhat?"

Client projects - mostly adverts - get done, though shoots are thin. Again, kitteh kare (food, water, litter, playtime) forces me to stay grounded and the house clean. Hadn't really appreciated, especially until the two guys settled in, just how much I've depended on them to get me out of myself.