This is not "breaking news," but I've searched the site and found no mention of it, and it definitely belongs here.

In 1973, 13-year-old Paul Andrews was tricked and kidnapped by serial child rapist Richard Alvin Ausley, who locked him in a specially constructed underground torture chamber and abused him nonstop for 8 days, then left him chained there to die. By happenstance, rabbit hunters stumbled across the hole before he could starve to death.

Clever and admirable, Andrews, though he could not save himself, realized he could stave off some of the damage by getting the typically narcissistic perp to talk about himself. At trial, Ausley revealed that he hasn't even caught on to the child's tactic and he complained that the boy would never shut up and it had been very distracting!

In adulthood, Andrews has become a victims rights advocate; he has located and met with two of Ausley's other victims and also reunited with the hunters who saved him and gone back to revisit the site of his imprisonment.

Ausley was paired up in his cell with a CSA survivor. The cellmate was extremely agitated having to live with a perp and repeatedly requested transfer; when this was denied, he beat and strangled Ausley to death.

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