When I was a little boy and we lived in the suburbs of Washington D.C., there was a store up the street that was the scene of many heartaches. The owner/manager of the store was cruel. He happened to be an old man. He sold food as would the many stores today which sell gas and food and gift items.

I was sent to that store many times to pick up an item or two needed at home. I guess I was too sensitive. On one occasion I was sent to get a bottle of ketchup. The cruel manager teased me as to whether I needed "ketchup" or "catsup" and he had some other name for it.

On another occasion I went to get a carton of 6 carbonated beverages. Lots of cartons were stacked like a pyramid one on top of another to reach a height as tall as I was. To try to extract a single carton of 6 was a challenge. I had to reach up to the top of the pyramid to get one. In doing so the carton tipped and several bottles tumbled to the floor. At least one of these bottles shattered explosively, spewing up coke or whatever it was and also bouncing shattered glass fragments over my legs (I was wearing short pants). One of the shards gouged out a bloody wound from my leg. I was in a panic because of the wound and because of having made such a mess. The cruel man responded in anger, cussing me out royally. I duly retreated out the door with my tail between my legs.

The following is sad and I don't recommend people read it.

Another "pet" peeve had to do with going with mom to some store. Maybe it was the same one. I was 13. I was in the passenger side of the car. It was the green Buick my father bought with money I believe he received when he sold my "services" to the government for me to be experimented on. Our beloved dog Penny wanted to come and ran along after the car. When we made a left turn into the opposing lane, Penny ran in front of another car and was killed. It was across the street from that horrible store. I didn't need another trauma. Later I had to get my little wagon and go up to where Penny lay in a pool of blood. I had to pick up Penny and put her in my wagon. Tears. cry


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