Something tragic came up tonight with a friend in Boston. He advised me of a severe, terminal health issue.

Jerry and I have been very close since 1979 when we were rookie, nit-wit police reserves. From then-on we remained very very close.

I drove back from his Boston apartment tonight fully stunned.

This time I have to get out of myself and my fears, and address his needs in that he is refusing treatment.

I'm losing all my people far too early:

Lenny: THE single-most amazing lead guitarist I've ever met (Better than Eddie Van Hallen!!)...he was an Abuse survivor with more in common with me than I can say. Dead from colon cancer. I Still can;t bear being without him. He and I shared the scariest and the darkest things that life threw at us from age 8-on.

Brad: An awesome singer near death from cruel throat cancer that took his voice.

I don't know what to make of it all. We were all young just two-days ago. We were all young for 30 years. We seem to have turned "old" for only the past 5 years (early 50s).

Take this as a lesson young ones! It will seem like two days for you as well!