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- rude customers

I worked in food service, (mostly pizza delivery), for about 13 years, so I know all about this. There is no limit to the level of nastiness people will show a delivery person or a waiter when things with their order don't go just perfectly. As if they never make mistakes and/or things always go smoothly at their job.

When dealing with such people, there are always two thoughts in your head. One, your brain coming up with the words that you need to tell them and sound professional. Two, your brain thinking up what you want to say to them.

The last delivery job I had was at a wing and burger place near where I live. One of my favorite such experiences there was a delivery to a customer at an office building who I had to call with my cell phone because the place was hard to find. At this point, it had been 45 minutes since she placed her order and, according to her, she had been quoted a 30 minute delivery time. That wasn't my fault though. We had just gotten busier than expected. When I spoke to her, she bitched me out on the phone about the amount of time it was taking and said, "If my fries are not hot, we are going to have SERIOUS PROBLEMS!!!!"

Yeah, "serious problems."

What I told her, "I'm sorry ma'am. I'm almost there. If your fries are not hot enough for you, we can either send you out a free order or give you a credit for the next time you order"

What I wanted to tell her, "I'm sorry ma'am. Your fries not being as hot as you'd like them is not a 'serious problem'. Having a doctor tell you, 'your child has cancer', is a serious problem. Having a man in a black robe tell you, 'I sentence you to ten years in federal prison', is a serious problem. Living in a third world country and not having any food to eat in the first place is a serious problem. If you think your lukewarm fries are a "serious problem", you should pretty much take them and shove them up your ass, you obnoxious STUPID FUCKING COW!!!!!"

I think we wound up giving the bitch some free french fries and no, she didn't tip me. Peace,


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