Hello Torm.

I too was molested repeatedly by a teenage girl, in my case it was my cousin. The molestation started with me around age 8 and I 'thought' I enjoyed it and never became aware that it caused enormous problems for me until I was almost 40. Looking back, I was very depressed as a child and into my teenage years. I was also very angry and found it difficult to trust. I now realize that I carried a lot of shame and guilt throughout my life, actually the shame was almost overwhelming. I now see that I was sexually abused and looking back, I am not so sure I actually enjoyed it, my body reacted and that reaction became for lack of a better word, 'addictive', but having been there and done that, I don't wish the experience on anyone. I am sorry for what happened to you and for the toll it has taken. I hope you are able to find support here at MS.

Best regards,