One of the hardest things I've come to terms with throughout this process is not necessary the RTS cycles that seem to come and go, but how people in my life have reacted to them.

During my "outward adjustment" phase, I moved to a new city and felt like I had adopted a new personality entirely. There was so much for me to absorb, I left everything behind and was going to "start over" as someone new---where nobody knew what I had been through. I could fake it until I made it, and without any environmental triggers, I did just that---lost a lot of weight, was getting attention and people went out of their way for me, and became popular with a lot of diverse friends and opportunities. My career was also on the right track.

But it seems like when triggers started happening, and I "buckled" into a bad place, all of the people I met completely abandoned me. I realized too late that I was giving into a narcissistic lifestyle and was just a source of supply for people who never really cared about me. This fueled the problems I was experiencing, and now I'm a bit of a shut-in.

Some of the more ridiculous statements made to me over the years, and especially lately, when I tried to explain what was going on with me:

"You're Faking It"

"Life is too short"

"Why can't you just MOVE ON?"

"You need to GROW UP and get over this!!!!!"

"What? Are you suicidal now? *snicker*"

"I don't know why you can't just be happy and move on with your life instead of just making trouble for yourself and then complaining about it."

"Hahaha! You were really asking for sympathy??"

"I only have compassion for people who try but failed. Not for the ones just sitting at home asking for compassion/sympathy. Obviously we have very different characters and see things differently."

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Obviously, few people lack compassion and understanding in this world, but I'm wondering if anyone has developed a good coping mechanism to deal with these assholes? If there was some kind of biting and witty response to this to shut the up, shame them, and let them know this kind of callousness is despicable, I think it would help me feel more empowered and less triggered.

I don't feel weak and I don't feel like some fragile piece of glass that needs to be handled (but even if I did, that would be OK), but I am really fucking tired of being patronized or spoken to this way by people who are supposed to be supportive.

Whether it's "family" or "friends" or someone who just doesn't get it, if you have any ideas beyond just not speaking to them anymore, I'd like to hear your thoughts. People need to be told this is NOT OK.