Is there a good way to keep a running list of ideas or quotes or parts of discussions I've seen or had on MS. I mean, one that stays on MS or that is available to me when I log in?

I don't really want to copy to a doc on my desktop; others sometimes use this computer. I use the kind of functionality at work, a doc into which I can copy ideas, facts, references, etc. I keep a notepad in my pocket for the same reason. Some internet services that I like allow me to "clip" articles, etc. from other places on the web, or allow me to *favorite* or *star* certain ideas I like, although I wouldn't neccessarily want everyone else here to be able to see what I'd *favorited* as can be done on Twitter, for instance.

Looking for ideas for something similar here only becuase copying stuff down to a quick reference spot is how I'm used to working.

I tried to send myself a message on MS, I was just going to reply to it by pasting in lines everytime I saw something else I want to remember, but the Message feature said I can't add myself to a message (technically, it said I didn't need to).

If there is any good way to do what I'm asking, please let me know. If not, please consider the idea for the future. My apologies if the feature is already in place and I simply missed it somewhere.

I always tried one thing:
To make what happened to me not matter at all.
Turns out, it was supposed to matter.
Who knew?