TRIGGERS: Multi-victim kidnapping, rape, murder

Todd Bequette, who was kidnapped in 1974 at the age of 13 and kept as a sex-slave by a sadistic pedophile for 18 months before being rescued, died this past summer at age 52.

During his ordeal, Bequette was forced to act as a lure for other victims of the perp - distracting them or offering them rides on his bike as part of the bait in the trap. He was then forced to watch as the other kids were tortured and raped; he would be beaten if he tried not to watch. The youngest such victim was 3 years old. Bequette has said the perp killed one of the other victims as he watched, and in recent years had attempted to work with prosecutors in an active investigation to identify and seek justice for that boy.

In a sick foreshadowing of the Steven Stayner case, after Bequette was rescued prosecutors refused to charge the perp with anything: he was already booked for a 30-year sentence for shooting a police officer, and they thought it would be too much of a strain - and stain - on the teenager to press charges and force him to testify. But Bequette always wanted to have his day in court against the perp, and in 2011 he finally got the chance. Though there was no chance of criminal prosecution at that late date, the perp was up for parole on the cop-killing charge and Bequette was invited in to BURY him; he was denied parole and is next up for consideration in another 5 years.

Bequette's relatives said he finally got a sense of emotional closure after saying his piece in court - that after so many decades he at last felt free of his kidnapper and torturer. In recent years he had spoken out frequently on high-profile kidnapping cases including the Shawn Hornbeck case, to provide "color commentary" on how kidnapped kids can be terrorized into subservience and stay even when there are, to outsiders, plausible opportunities to flee. Example:,,20062699,00.html

And likewise similar to the Stayner case, Bequette was a heartbreaking example of how some people can just never catch a break, as he had to bury a son and he suffered a stroke several years before the heart attack that killed him. At least he pulled together what was from all accounts a happy family life and is survived by many children and grandchildren.

May he rest in peace. And may the perp be bitten by a saw-scaled viper and spend 12 days pissing out the sludgy pulp of his dissolving kidneys until he dies.


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