Is anybody else obsessed with this show? I began watching it from the first episode but at first was only interested because it is filmed and based in my hometown. The ATL, over-run with zombies! AHHHHHH! After that, the show pretty quickly became an addiction. I have considered getting the graphic novels to find out what happens but I'm afraid that would take away from the show. It wouldn't be as exciting if I knew what was going to happen ahead of time. Season four gets going tomorrow night! Is anyone else as jazzed about it as I am?

On a side note, the kid who plays the part of Carl, (Chandler Riggs), lives in my area. I've never seen him out and about but a couple of my neighbors have. One of my neighbors works in a local restaurant and she see him in there with his parents all the time. Apparently, his father is pretty protective and won't let autograph seekers get to close to him. My neighbor told me that he pretty much stand between Chandler and anyone who wants to talk to him and tells them to get lost. She said he's actually kind of an asshole but perhaps you need to be when your 13 year old son is famous as shit.

Can't wait for tomorrow night!!!!! Peace,


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