I wen't to my son's High School open-house yesterday. It felt SO wrong cuz MY father would go to mine if he was in town, come back to the house and start screaming and hitting. My son OWNS academia and thus the teachers have nothing but total praises for him. The spanish teacher said he seems to drift-off day dreaming in a severe way, but if she challenges him to repeat-back what she just said, he gets it perfectly.

I saw one of his class-mates (girl) on my way into one of the buildings. I've known this girl since she was born. She startled me with a big smily "Hello Mr. Stillman!" I looked up and there she was on an upper stair.

She's 14, and has grown into a knock-out beautiful young lady by anyone's standards. I see her mother quite often. She'll hear that I ran into her daughter at the open-house.

HOW do I compliment the daughter [to the parent]? DO I compliment the daughter? MAY I compliment the daughter? SHOULD I compliment the daughter? [EDIT] all of this paragraph would be directed to the girl's mother, as I see her every time I do laundry.

If you say "yes," go ahead and compliment her daughter, how do I do so without sounding creepy or pedophilic? Or am I already creepy finding a 14 yo beautiful in a fully non-sexual mode.

Sorry if this is a stupid question. I truly don't know this stuff.

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