I have so much anger in me because of all the pain and suffering my ex partners abuser caused. The last 2 months have been the worst depressing 2 months of my life. My partner left me and now he says he is depressed, he cant let go of me but never wants to see me or talk on the phone. He only sends messages. I csn't believe how someone (the abusers) can be so selfish and use a child for their own pleasure and we have to put up with all the consequences and damage their actions cause. I know that I need to make a decision to walk away from my ex partners life as he is going through another phase where he doesn't care about me and is having a fling with a girl who he is visiting overseas but its so hard because I am the only person that actually understands why he does what he does. Its so easy for my friends to say he cheated on you previously, he's an idiot..get rid of him but they have never walked a day in his shoes. I think the main aim of this post is to get some guidance and input from anyone who can give me any advice. Will he ever come back to me and wake up from his phase???