Good for both of you! Traveler is right. Fragments are normal. Don't be surprised if he eventually gets them stitched together into a narrative of sorts where he can look at the whole picture at the same time. The good news is that fragments are scary, confusing and painful (at least they were for me) but getting them pulled together into a cohesive picture makes them far less so and far easier to be understood and dealt with.

When he reaches this stage, don't be surprised if he's REALLY angry. It won't be at you! If he's like many of us, these fragments are pointing to people, things and situations who have missed having justice done upon them for decades (in a manner of speaking.) They need to be yelled at, in one way or another. Also an excellent sign.

Lots of work to be done but I'm glad to see a glimmer. I hope this T meeting and subsequent ones go well. Hang in there. :-)