This post is 3 years old and while the immediacy of its content (your feelings towards your wife) may not be of concern right now - I know that that sensation is difficult to tackle and, ultimately, timeless.

I've had to re-read the replies in this thread a few times; I found myself looking away from the screen, skipping over to some dumb app on my computer to play a game, scroll my FaceBook feed, play with some fuzz on my pants, get that nervous gut wrench reaction that tells me, "you're wasting time again and you are wasting your life go do important things."

Right now, and this is one of my favorite psychosomatic reactions, I'm actually forgetting my point as to why I began to type this...

Our wives, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends, lovers, partners etc... They've got it pretty rough being with us; that's for sure.

You, Alfred, and many others in this string, and I share that connection with our mothers. I read the opening statement by Alfred and my first thought was, "well this is a thread I can't relate to..."

When, in fact, my mother is a reason I am on

I'm not entirely certain where I am going with this... When I try to talk about her, try to relate to others about her, I begin to lose focus and various joint pains flair up...

I know the reason I was directly taken to this specific thread is - I was doing a search for Byron Katie to see if anyone here had been saying anything about her methods...

Personally - her method is something I can accredit a surprising portion of my comfort and recovery to. It's simple, brilliant and perfect in my eyes.

It may not work for everyone...

And I know that when you visit her site at - she appears to be an elderly woman attempting to sell arthritus bracelets... And while her books are for sale - she openly keeps her material available on her site for free access.

Alfred, what we went through will be with us and our partners forever. Byron Katie's method allowed me to make it easier on myself and my partner.

If you want to PM me about anything regarding this - please do.
"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in." - Leonard Cohen