It comes to mind
how hard it is
to find
a little piece
of soothing peace
when the world was kind
to reminisce
when it was not
like this

A fleeting breeze
through leafy trees
should do
what it's meant to
bring sweet memories
of running wild
in a shady glen
way back when
I was a child

Singing birds
in feathered nests
won't bring it back
I try my best
to remember
an April through November
snow to sun to snow
I don't know
it's deep within
and won't come out
the turn about
from now til then
should be there
but it isn't
not anywhere

A meadow green
hides things unseen
crickets chirp
frogs jump
garter snakes
in the grass
and so I ask
what came to pass
that keeps it
far away
from me today
because I know
it was so
in the day
it was like that
it was that way
when a playful boy
was filled with joy

A summer sun
where I
would skip and run
was surely fun
lovely scenes
under warm beams
of light
where a butterfly
take flight
and a cool part
where little creatures hide
and deers dart
and skinny streams
to lay beside
and dream
little boy dreams

I do recall
spring to fall
it was my past
that didn't last
I didn't know
it was wrong
the need for love
was much too strong
a quiet murmur
a soft caress
a gentle touch
I needed that
oh so much

I did
what they asked
I didn't know
what was in store
that I'd be taxed
more and more
and pay and pay
every day
from then
to when
there may be
nothing left
to give
to find myself
on my knees
a beggar
begging life
to live
Experience is a brutal teacher.