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This afternoon on NPR Talk of the Nation:

Interview with a guy kidnapped by the TALIBAN.

Jere Van Dyk, The Taliban's 'Captive' For 45 Days

Summary by NPR (July 1, 2010):
In 2008, Jere Van Dyk set off from Kabul, Afghanistan, to write the authoritative book on the Taliban. He never imagined he'd be taken their prisoner. That February, he became only the second American journalist captured by the Taliban. In Captive (his book), he tells his story at greater length.


His book, Captive, by Jere Van Dyk:


He was not held for sexual reasons. Some of his captors were "reptilian". This interview will be available to listen to at 6pm today (Eastern time) by means of on-line audio. He talked a lot about the psychological effects of captivity including the Stockholm syndrome. In other words, I survived in part because I complied with everything asked of me.

I found this broadast extremely interesting and helpful. I listened as someone who was held captive as described in this thread.


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i listened to his interview.

very heavy and scary,