This thread is basically asking the same question our friend Traveler just asked. Didn't want to hijack his thread. Like him, I don't wish to trivialize others experiences nor to compare. I need to just have this clarified and would appreciate your input.

My mother and I had a disagreement on what term to settle down on concerning what I experienced in childhood. She says it was more or less physical assault, but I always considered it sexual since it involved my genitals. [TRIGGER]An adult man(the boyfriend of a friend's mom) was drunk and decided to punish us boys for staying up late by squeezing and otherwise hurting our genitals.[/TRIGGER].

The thing that gets me is if it isn't sexual abuse then why do I have all the symptoms I see others here suffering? The feeling of being tainted/vile/"bad", constant disconnect from others, psycho-sexual problems(i.e. secretly hypersexual/sexual compulsion, intimacy avoidance, ect), damaged sense of masculinity, and being generally maladjusted are issues which I can relate. It's worth mentioning that I experienced other forms of abuse(verbal & physical) during my upbringing so that could possibly factor into it.

What do you guys think? What's you take on this?

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