You talk of Limbo
my dear friend
something of which
I know
I've never been there
it's a place
we won't ever go

Limbo, I was taught,
as a young Catholic boy
is where babies go
when baptized they're not
and unsifted sinners
are sent there also
which always perplexed me
it seemed kinda mean
to string them along
it's deviously unkind
so God ...
make up your mind.

No ...
I think my dear friend
you're a bit mistaken
getting into Limbo
is by invitation

I send my sincere salutation
on an excellent evaluation
and I hope you don't mind
and I don't mean to correct
your effort adept
it's just that I know
the place that you go
it's just I go often
to the place you describe
where it's hard to abide
even one moment
so here's my comment

There are zillions of souls
waiting in Limbo
you are never alone
never when there
there's plenty of company
many who'll share
all of time's misery
there can ever be

so I hope you see
and again ...
I don't mean to correct
I only wish to redirect
I don't mean
to be abrupt
or interrupt
so please don't be annoyed
but the place that we go
I know as

the Void
Experience is a brutal teacher.