I joined recently. My therapist is RIchard Gartner whom I believe is a founding member. Actually I am 53 years old now but have known Richard since my childhood when he was my family therapist. I am a survivor. I want to say that here. I was abused when I was 11 - 13 years old by a male older than me (an adult teacher). I feel guilt. Shame. Self loathing.

I am interested in a way to speak with other men who've been abused. I guess in my own way its cathartic to talk about it now after many years. I saw Richard 2 days ago (first time in 25 years). It was a pleasure to see him and despite the pain and difficulty in downloading it feels good to be ME again.

Are there any groups in the Philly area I could speak with. Also interested in retreats as this was mentioned to me by Richard.