Well brothers Vicki and I are really going to do it. Where going into foster care!! It has been Vicki's dream for along time and also mine. I made a promise along time ago and I feel like I am finally following through on it. I am going to meet with the Foster Parent Directer for my town. I am calling him on Thursday to start the paper work.

The only things that I worrie about might seem little to you guys but they are a big thing to me. First the age differnce between Vicki and me is rather large. 32 years give or take a month or two. I am kind of worried about that cause it is a big differnce. What do you guys think? Think the that will be an issue? Second I am not sure if I should tell them about my childhood. If I should tell how much should I tell?

Well these are about the only issues that I am worried about. Should I be worried waht do you guys think? O yea my wife has already picked out the kids she wants to adopt lol. So she kind of kick started this but she wants to adopt them so we are going to go through the foster care training and the adopt training at the same time.

I would love to hear from all you guys because I have grown to love and respect you all.

lots of love Nathan