it's late tonight
it's all dark
no light
I'm laying low
hoping so
the power that be
won't see
a smiling me

He must not know
it must not show
a good day
will go away
if He can see
a smiling me

a slumber deep
I will not keep
my joy will seep
dead away
not last another day
if He does see
a smiling me

I pray to Him
though I don't believe
a short reprieve
is all I ask
forgive my past
you must see
all I want
is a smiling me

never before
have you come to my aid
the sins that were done
are still not paid
they do not fade
nor do they heal
but here's the deal
just for a while
let me be
a smiling me

You owe me this
You are remiss
if You forget
I did once serve
in virgin white
over flowing black
I do deserve
a rest from fight
where were You
when wrong came to be
it was not right
why didn't You see
the smiling me

so I lay me down to sleep
and if I die
before I wake
it matters not
I am bereft
there's nothing left
for You to take
nothing left
for You to keep
I'll have to wait and see
if it be You
or the devil
come to claim his due
but I don't care
either way
the very last thing
you both will see

is a smiling me
Experience is a brutal teacher.