I went to a public high school my freshman year, but my parents took me out and I was transferred to a Private Catholic high school in 1977 when I was 16 years old. I am a survivor of CSA when I was a sophomore in high school.

I had a priest as my school counselor as well as other classmates. The abuse started right away and consisted of 4-10 visits over two years. There was another CSA thing that happened in the school's gym shower. I don't want to go over any of these as I am recovering from them.

Every day I would come home from school and demand that I get sent back to the public high school. My mother would ask me why and all I could say was "I can't tell you". This would continue every day until I graduated from that school.

Over 36 years of suppressing this abuse that also included 2 suicide attempts, depression, anxiety attacks, bipolar to many to count of psychiatrists I finally got answers.

My sister was talking to a therapist who was helping her son break free of learning skills. I went to see this person on February 6, 2013 and I was shocked. I found out that my life stopped in 1977 when the abuse started and never stopped. Over 3-5 months I would come in weekly and pull more stuff from my sub-conscious.

I tried all sorts of websites for Clergy abuse but I found one called SNAP - Survivors of those Abused by Priests, but they were of no help. I contacted two attorneys to see if I had a case against the school. One attorney took my case even though the other one said that my case was outside of the SOL - Statute of Limitations. I finally had my day in court and got a nice settlement for my recovery.

I told my managers and some of my co-workers at my job of the abuse and my case. Our company had everyone watch a sexual harassment video and and sign a form that we all would avoid any confrontation with this. But 2 co-workers made poor judgements in front of me which cause flash backs to my abuse. After each episode, I had to contact a manager which resulted in suspensions. A couple of Sundays ago, I was working in my department(appliances) and I was approached by a customer. He asked if I was Bill as he was looking at my name badge. He then proceeded to call me every name in the book and later tell me that there are dangerous people outside the store who want to take me out. I since quit and working on my recovery.

I am weight-listed for the Weekend of Recovery in October and hope that this is the right place for my recovery, help me move forward and forgive.
Small Stones
"Those who remove mountains begin by carrying away small stones"

"I am in charge of how I fell and I choose HAPPINESS" from The Law of Attraction.