Hi. My partner and I were together for 2 years. He cheated on me and there were times where he would become so distant and not have any feelings for me at all and thats when he would cheat. After 2 years, 2 dogs, plans to have a baby in the next 2 years and living together he left and within 2 weeks he had another 21 year old fling (he is 31) and it was all over facebook like he didnt care about my feelings at all and I was non existent. He told me after we broke up that he was raped a few times by a family member and I thats when i realized and understood why he had done the things he had done in the past. I recommended this site to him and after he read some of the info he had the courage to see a professional. I know that I cant fix him but can someone thats been through the same maybe give me some guidance as to what to do and how to help him. Do I wait around for him? I am the only one he has told about his past so I feel that as much as he has hurt me I feel I cant let go. I know I need to protect myself to and find happiness but I care and love him so much. When I see him he tells me he loves me and cant be with me because he is so messed up but then he still leads this new girl on like shes his gf. I feel like this is making me so depressed because theres nothing I can do to make him see that he is making a mistake. He has cheated on every girl that he has dated and has always run away from the relationships he has had because he has been scared of committment. I know he cant let go of me as he doesnt stop contacting me. Can someone give me some guidance