this pastor horrifies me deeply. A, I'm a Christian. B, I'm a celibate bisexual with many friends in the ex-gay movement, as well as loved ones who are actively in the lifestyle. This guys is everything we don't believe. Can't believe this guy even exists.

I have no idea what the rational is for reducing his sentence. What could he have done? He didn't stop himself, didn't turn himself in, didn't turn states evidence... from 17 years to ?!?!nothing?!?!?!

Now, that aside:

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These are the articles where you wish there was the good ol' days, where someone "just disappeared" and was never heard from again, but all the towns folks were smiling while they all said "I don't know what happened to him" when the Sheriff came back from visiting his wife's kin down south.

I heard a lot of talk like that back home in Ohio.

From the KKK. Except they were talking about ethnic minorities, homosexuals, or religious differences.

If I don't let my perp off the hook for rape because he was abused, I'm not going to let us off the hook for murder, or fantasies of murder, just because we were.

Gotta draw the line somewhere, 'cause the double standard is biting us in the backside on this one.

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