Yeaaaaa nice to see you 2 buddy!
Yeah , these guys are really awesome.
It's just well two guys like me ; well three actually. It's
just they like not to think about having therapy and i am
not their dad. frown . It is a little nerve - racking.
I am scared one friend today (Ed) - i asked him if he would
like to b introduced to another friend ( Jon) . He doesnt
want to. These guys both like to party! I dont drink so...
it's Jon's b-day in a couple of weeks; i thought it would b
Oh well!
And then my buddy Tyler ,,,sometimes i feel like he channels
his daddy issues to me frown ; but i like to get into
listening/ supporting y'know ? . . ;but he doesnt want to
open up. He has walls all over the place. It's so uncomfortable ! He wants a perfect life but i cant let
him take the good out of me.
Ijust go to movies w/ him. Anyway i love you guys.
I hope you guys dont get worried. I need a vacccccaaash ahn!!
love and hug back to you Pero.