Hi, I just wanted to tell you guys how thankful i am to be here.
I do apologize if my posts are heavy; difficult to support.

I am wondering how can i love myself, say even family (but not,); i give compliments that are geniune,friendly , i just love people.
I started hanging out w/ a guy i met at a mood disorders group.
Awesome guy. And a guy who i hang out w/ now (an old friend
from lonnnggggggggg time ago ) , a different friend ..he is also a wonderful guy. How do i get too be smart, not abuse their safety in themselves and so they trust themselves.

My first friend i mentioned .he accepts me even if i were gay
but the voices . Oh ,that is what my therapist said " draw the
line of where my boundry is and the other person.
I have to be careful of what io share.
I told this guy i watch gay porn. So he is absolutley sure
that i am gay.
I am trying to get everyone in my life ..actally i want to introduce the two guys to each other. And then later my third buddy.
Am I an idiot? .. I always liked helping people .maybe I need a dad... yea this never stops. So even if see someone would
be better if knew they would love themselves more..i am good
maybe i should respect them individually and should they want any advice they can ask me but dont act like i want more...
maybe i am selfish...

hey a special thanks to Didi and Pufferfish for the resources
on the professionals who help recover lazy-eyes.
It had been incredible !!! The hard-work pays off!

Thanks for all readng my posts....strenuous content frown smile