My husband and I have been married for over 23 years. His family has always been distant and I was never able to come to a logical conclusion. He and his two sisters got together alone recently and this is what came out of it. All 3 were raped by two older step brothers. This is in addition to much physical abuse I already knew about from another stepfather. The big revelation though was that his Mom sexually abused him from early adolescence until he left at 17. His Mom is 80 now and the 3 siblings have decided to have nothing more to do with her. Weird as prior to this he just talked to her did stuff for her. I can't wrap my head around all this. Tomorrow I look for counseling. He has been crying for days and all I can do is listen. He had decent grandparents that cared for the kids whenever Mom had a new relationship or couldn't be bothered so I think that kept them from being completely screwed up.