Jerry Sandusky has been judged and sentenced for his crimes. Joe Patterno had the convenience of dying before he could be held accountable for his role, assuming that would have ever happened.

Patterno, for the sake of a ridiculous game, knowingly allowed abuse to continue under his roof. Despite whatever accolades he garnered for the university, the only true good the man did was to contribute a world-class research library - one, for the record, I find invaluable in my work. That said, it is all for nothing when I think of the young boys harmed following the discovery of Sandusky's crimes, and Patterno enabled that.

I do believe all good acts can be wiped out with a single and truly evil act. Maybe it isn't forgiving, maybe it isn't a healthy view on the world, but then my view has been colored by the sheer agony my husband suffers day in and day out for the last 30 years on his life.