I am a middle aged male.my x wife(wife at the time)asked that i have a vasectomy for her health reasons. she said she needed to get off the pill.
we saw a doctor, he counseled us, told us that it is considered permenent and should only be done if we were sure of the future of our relationship.
I had the vasectomy. the very next week she changed her hairdo and makeup. sex came to a stand still right after my recovery . she lost all respect for me. she started having another man over to our home.
she soon left me and told me she had not loved me for over two years.this all happened in a four month period.i am very angry over this, i feel this was intentional. i wish i had some kind of recourse .strange thing is this happened to a coworker of mine a few months after me. don't take it all in stide guys, do your home work before you have a vas. i now have a wonderful wife. i can not have children with her. be careful!!