From Mike Lew's book "Victims No Longer"


Am I Making the Family Crazy?

I know that some part of telling is wanting to heal the family.
-- a male incest survivor,

If there's a fire and I call the engines---so who am I double-crossing? The fire?
-- Judy Holliday in the film BORN YESTERDAY

The first thing we have to teach all children is that nobody without permission of the parent(s) or guardians may touch their bodies. If someone does then they are to tell their parents. Hopefully the parents will take care of the rest.

A guy I know from work's kid (12) went with his mother to the doctor and he wanted him to take off his shirt. The kid jumped away and said no. the mother said it's OK but the kid told his mother that father told him nobody may do that without his permission. He refused until the mother had to call her husband at work and let the boy talk to him himself and the father told him that if he asks either him or his mother it's OK what the other tells him. The kid took off his shirt smile.

I never heard of a story where a kid refused a person of authority to do something. I gave the guy a big hug and when he asked what was that for, I told it was for him and his family. (I also bought him a coffee later in the day grin.)

Peace, Rainbows, Love & Healing
Stick around, It will get better....🌹🌹🌹