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If it helps, telling doesn't always help.

Great point.

I once thought, perhaps naively, that if people simply knew about the existence of child abuse, that we'd all band together and put a stop to it. Then cold reality sets in and I'm reminded of my personal experience with abuse. Even when people found out, the abuse didn't stop. They ignored it or downplayed it. Sometimes telling doesn't make a difference at all and can in fact lead to persecution....of the victim.
I think that society in general doesn't give a shit. After a week it's old news and it's forgotten. Look at Sandy Hook. It was old news until this latest atrocity happened in DC. But both these atrocities ended up as gun control issues and no sympathy for the people that were lost. If society here in the US has already forgotten about Sandy Hook school massacre then who would think about CSA.

And what about me as a gay kid wanting to have a family and falling in love with his coach and would let him pimp me out for 7 years. There is no sympathy for a kid like me. It was possibly much easier for me to end up in a river than a kid that wasn't abused. I think all the time of Sandy Hook with all those kids and their teacher laying in a pile in the corner of the room with their teacher doing her best to protect her kids.

How many people remember the Dunblane massacre in '96, this isn't ancient history. I have a picture of the schoolroom after the fact (and after the bodies were taken away). When you see the room and absorb what you have seen you will never forget Sandy Hook either.


As soon as the news stops the stories of any CSA story or massacre story, it's talked about at the dinner table and then forgotten as life goes on. How long will this story last.


Society and their memories are the problem. People would have no sympathy for me simply because I stayed in the game and because I loved my coach/pimp.

Good to see you Eric, hope all is good.

PS - Now you know why I'm at war with my inner self, I don't want to know about it. It hurt me terribly until this day both physically and mentally. Because of that kid I was unable to hold my kids and my grandkids. That's why I want that kid to go away and leave me alone. Although I'm at ease with the kid being gay and my gay friends and all the fun we did have even though we were both in the game.

Peace, Rainbows, Love & Healing

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Stick around, It will get better....🌹🌹🌹