Thankfully when I started my journey of healing here at MS there was a group of men who I was able to connect with who had no interest in religion, like I do. Some of them come from a religious background but for whatever reason mostly our own transference (which isnt a bad thing) religion does not play a part in our lives. It is also my feeling that at that time , the boundries on the board were a little more stringent against religious mentions or thoughts in posts in the main section and over the years the line certainly seems to have changed.

While I know it has helped/helps some; on the flip side so many men have been hurt by religious personal and persecution and it continues to be a big trigger through thier lives and healing journey. Respectfully, some people just dont care about triggering others. Open blessings and quotes about god are all mentions that while they inspire some hurt and turn away others. It was my main goal here to connect with men whome were abused. I found a great deal of "blindness" to the healing. We talked, we shared, we cried, we were just men who were hurt. it was more inclusive vs exclusive, while identifying, even with a simple blessing, might be more divisive rather than inclusive.

While offering blessings in daily life might be "regionalized and accepted" to some its just plain rude and offensive. It has happened to me more and more often here in NJ, and rather than start a fight or make a big deal I walk away, for my own health and wellbeing. I rather say right there in the supermarket "Some of us don't want or appreciate being blessed or offered something we don't want or brings angst, anger and resentment by being blindly offered something that you feel the need to perpetuate".

While not limiting this to Christians, it seems that this group of people are the most in your face about it. I don't understand why religion has to be forced upon people. While you might suggest that signing something "blessings to you" is just reflectiong one owns faith, it at the same time is an overt way of adding religion into the conversation and topic. I think the overtness and lack of care for others who don't feel the same, whom might even be harmed by it, specifically here at MS is what bothers me the most. Also the most hurtful aspect of it.

So, while I'm the minoroty and only talk for myself I'll have to continue to ignore overt abuse, even unintentional but well documented. Maybe next time at Whole Foods/Home Depot, Ill take the time and gently say to the manager that not everybody wants to be blessed by the cashier. I suspect that if I worked as a cashier and said " Have a very athiestic day today" with a smile it wouldn't be very accepted by people. Similarly if I signed every post I wrote here with my old anti religion tag, I wouldn't be welcome here anymore and people would complain to managment again.

I dont suspect behavior is going to change, but I want my feelings of hurt out there too. When I see it, it brings me pain and sorrow. It makes me feel like I dont belong here. That there is a group within a group that separates the healing. Exclusive rather than inclusive.

I much rather post this in the main section, but I adhere to the boundries of MS to post religious topics here.