Hello and welcome
I'm glad to see that you got some good advice and feedback on this thread.
its true that this is a complex situation. The right way to handle well sometimes I think handling it at all is the best you can hope for. I've made some mistakes along the way with my H but my heart was always in the right place. Its great that your H will talk to you about what's going on. Don't feel bad about telling you Mom and sister. Its too big a burden to carry and down the road I bet your H will understand.
Handling the family is a sticky one. This is one area that I messed up big time with my H. Just do your best and talk to H about his wishes and concerns about what to do and I think it hopefully won't get too ugly.
I have a hard time not yelling at my in laws sometimes. In my Hs family you don't talk about anything ever. You don't give praise or support. What a bunch of crap. But my H isn't ready to be angry at them so I keep my feelings to myself. I get worked up just thinking about it. Grrrrr
Congrats on the baby. And take care of yourself.

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