Hello, 33 years ago I was 16 years old and in crisis over a pregnancy scare with my girlfriend. I sought council from our parish priest who was in his late 20's at the time. His advice was half hearted but he was very focused on whether I knew how to masturbate. I told him yes but he said he had "techniques" he could show me and asked me to come to his apartment. I made up an excuse and declined. The priest called me once afterward at my house asking about the "lessons".
I know this is nowhere as serious as any of the issues addressed here but after all these years I wish I would have said something. I wonder how many other young people he has approached. Could I have stopped future abuse? Or am I overblowing the issue?
The man is now the priest at my local church. I have read our Archdiocese procedure for reporting abuse and am ready to report. I wonder if I am opening myself up for more trouble? Will I be cross examined and have my life placed under the microscope? Since this is so long ago will they do anything to him anyway? There is a big difference between a "request" and actual abuse. Should I report? Any opinions?

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