I looking for a little input from the community.
I would like input from anyone, but Canucks who may have experience with this
would be most helpful to me.
I was poking around the main Male Survivor site and came across a link to
Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General's Victim Services Secretariat.
A little more poking and I discovered
The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board.
The thing that caught my attention was that there is a program that one could apply for compensation if a victim of a violent crime.
Although I don't like the term victim, I believe I am a victim of a violent crime.
If successful, my hope is to receive compensation to pay for my continued therapy, in any and forms that may take.

My question is do you think this is reasonable, acceptable, and has anyone else gone through this process? Can you offer any insight or direction as to how this process works and the likelihood of success?
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