lawn my @$$. I decided, screw it.

One reason is I'm sick of being stuck inside two weeks. I don't do "helpless" well. Another is I had more serious depression last night...and activity helps me out of it. Doc had said to resume activity as I was able - he probably didn't quite have this in mind - but I felt able. (No cardiac rehab I'd presume because I'm not a sedentary human blimp stuffing his face with BK, Pizza Hut and Twinkies).

Stuck a nitro under my tongue, and the project took twice as long as usual and about ten breaks. It was overcast and cool (for us). Quite happily came in with sweat, grass clippings and smelling of 87 octane. No lifting, btw. Just pushing...slowly.

Had a call fr an HIV study admin in the middle of it who pointed out the immediate benefit, aside from trying the new pipes (like testing the flush system on an A380?), was being able to see a tangible accomplishment. I like that he typically takes a holistic view and doesn't patronize.

And then hit the sack for three hours. Tylenol for the muscles. I'm feeling more re-energized than sore, but I'll give it 24.