I just wanted to say what a huge breakthrough that was to admit you want to be held by another man. Its for me what helped me distinguish imprinting and possible father hunger from what was really me.


this is a post i could have written.
my wife went to a therapist who said the same thing. why give up your family for a fantasy. but it was so much more than that

like in this post i truly knew what i deeply suspected when a guy kissed me. Thats what i was, thats what i am.
I know what you mean about what do you with the that knowledge, its not that easy

yes men are pigs and liars, but some are amazing

this weekend, as i always do, i made dinner for my sons who invited their girlfriends. my bf and i hosted at his place, and at the last minute, my ex and her new boyfriend joined us.
we all had the best time

she asked her bf about being ok with her dysfunctional functional family. He said the way everyone was, was anything but dysfunctional.

its going to be your own journey, keep your mind open. I agree that if its imprinting, father shit, you're a broke str8 guy, you are in prison or you are not sure , do not even think about leaving your family. But if your journey leads you to the conclusion you are indeed gay, this is the only thing i disagree with about mormonism, christianity and islam. the jews had it right, we only have ONE life. its yours to live,

big hugs

you are very brave

ps there were 4 guys in my WoR group, it seems tougher on you than most, cuz your religion is not just a belief but it truly is a lifestyle, where family, church, work and community are one and the same, so even bigger hugs.

once you lose the fear of the unknown, the acceptance of the known is much easier

The need for love lies at the very foundation of human existence. Dalai Lama

WoR Barrie 2011