Readers here know that the prosecutor on the Ayres case was so problematic towards his victims that complaints were filed against her to the California Bar. In March, 2013 she was disciplined by the Bar for lying to the victims, their families and prosecution witnesses.

On September 2, 2013, the Larry Elder radio show out of KABC in Los Angeles did a segment about the problematic prosecutor, Melissa Mckowan in the Ayres case.

The guest hosts for the Labor Day show were Leo Terrell and Robin Sax. Journalist Victoria Balfour, who brought the Ayres case to the San Mateo PD, was a guest on the show. You can hear the 10 minute segment here:


Robin Sax , one of the hosts, is a former prosecutor in Los Angeles and currently works as a legal analyst for the Today Show.

Sax actually has some prior experience with the Ayres case, as she wrote an article in the Huffington Post in 2009 about Balfour being barred from access to the courtroom in the first Ayres criminal trial.

Sax recounted on this week's radio show about how bizarrely, San Mateo DA Steve Wagstaffe tried to retaliate against her for writing the opinion piece by calling up her then- boss, Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley to try to get her disciplined for speaking out about the matter.

Sax was not disciplined for her opinion piece.

Sax talks about how odd it was that Wagstaffe would try to retaliate against her.