holy! That's insane and so very awful and triggering. This perp seems a lot like so many of mine who were men making child porn of me online. I am glad at least that the police in Canada- where I was living too during my abuse- have been able to find this guy. 17 boys in Saint John alone. Plus the other in Newfoundland. Plus all those abused in his porn collection. Plus who knows how many else?! That is MIND BOGGLING!!! These will be just untold stories of suffering and life struggle. What will happen to these kids? To those like me who will never get justice, what is their fate? How will this affect them? And their loved ones?

The actions this man did out of a sexual compulsion will have repreccussions for how many decades now? Reading this just breaks my heart. I feel like Canada is just filled with men like this.
,,Nun ging es immerzu, weit, weit bis an der Welt Ende."