10. You are not wearing THAT, are you?
Even if it looks like a question, this phrase is actually a suggestion or an order, depending on the woman’s mood. It’s quite a dangerous phrase, because if men don’t know how to react appropriately, it is usually followed by a looong discussion. The meaning of “You are not wearing THAT, are you?” could be either a.) she does not like it or b.) it is not appropriate for the occasion. Regardless the case, the translation of this seemingly rhetoric question is “YOU’RE NOT WEARING THAT!”, so run and change. Men are great, they make life worth living, you are our inspiration and support, but you make some really bad decisions when it comes to clothing and because we care, we would like to help. Does this sound familiar?

9. What are you doing? Do you have to do this now?
What are you doing According to your wife or girlfriend, what you are doing in that moment is stupid and unimportant. She has other plans for you. It is useless to start a discussion because you ain’t gonna win that argument. No matter how you answer this tricky question, you will immediately find yourself driving down to your home’s nearest supermarket, IKEA, Home Depot etc. Men always want to be right, but women sabotage their success.

8. Listen to me! Are you listening?
Women are the king of “You don’t understand”, “You don’t listen”, “No one listens to me anymore”. If your girlfriend or wife has something to say, pay attention, otherwise she will just get really, really upset and you will end up regretting it. When women use the phrase “Listen to me!”, you are still on safe ground, she is giving you a second chance to engage in the conversation. But when she is using “Are you listening???”, you are dead. She will most likely make sure the evening is going to be unpleasant. Take these two dangerous phrases as prior warnings.

7. Do you know what day is today?
Birthday, one week anniversary, one month anniversary, one year anniversary…engagement anniversary, wedding anniversary, international women’s day … some women celebrate anything and everything they can tie a significant meaning to. If your wife or girlfriend is part of this category and you forget the anniversary, you are screwed. She will forgive you, but she won’t forget it.

6. You’re right, I should do that (…)
No matter what you asked, she reacts as if she is accepting it, but actually, she is not! It’s a challenge. She will make sure you will pay for this later and you will be sorry! By paying, I mean both material and immaterial aspects.

5. The decision is yours
Women will set you up and unknowing, you will fall into the traps. When women use this phrase, they dare their partners to make the decision, but it is not an empowerment. Women test if you have got the courage to cross the line. For your own sake, you better not make this decision alone.

4. Nothing as in "nothings-wrong"
Dr. John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, best sums it up: “Men have their own caves on which the sign states “Please do not disturb.” Men like to retreat into their own world where they feel they are in control. Women also have caves but the sign on their caves is “I need to talk”. When a man asks a woman what’s wrong and she says “Nothing” it really means “Nothing, unless you care to listen and give me an opportunity to talk.” Of course, there is also the dangerous side of “nothing”. Do you remember Homer Simpson’s words of wisdom? When a woman says nothing’s wrong that means everything’s wrong. The “Nothing Syndrome” is the calm before the avalanche of complaints.

3. Is there anything new you want to try in bed tonight?
Think, think really hard before answering! Regardless of what you are coming up with, she may snap at you and here comes the cross-examination. She will get suspicious. Unfortunately, you don’t have the right to remain silent and anything you say can and will be used against you.

2. Whatever
Whatever…a classic among classics, a verbal weapon used by both men and women. When a woman says “whatever” during a fight, it means that she doesn’t want to talk to you anymore, because you are pathetic. At this point you should be VERY worried. She has two words for you: screw you! Women make noises (including yelling) to get attention. When stress strikes and her main hormones – Cortisol, Epinephrine, and Oxytocin – go crazy, don’t let her alone, even if she is pushing you away. On one hand, men have their own caves on which the sign states “Please do not disturb.” Men like to retreat into their own world where they feel they are in control. Women, on the other hand, also have caves but the sign on their caves is “I need to talk”. Whatever can be translated in some cases as: you disappointed me, it seems that I am not the same important to you as you are to me and it hurts.

1. We need to talk
This phrase is dangerous and if you hear it, you’re in trouble! Seinfeld’s George Costanza, one of the funniest characters in sitcom, once said “we need to talk” is “the worst four words in the English language”. Well, in any language. Your wife or girlfriend is about to lose her mind. She has had it and SHE wants to talk. It is the typical “Come to Jesus” meeting of relationships: a time when a polite ultimatum is given, generally followed by a less polite ultimatum, then a threat. Guilty, guilty, guilty…