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I still maintain that very few people, even on here, understand or care about male victims of female sexual abuse, and that we get marginalized even within these support groups.
As a card carrying member of those abused by females, let me create awareness and celebrate those in MaleSurvivor who support survivors everywhere and in our particular situation.

Isolation, rejection and destruction create such chaos and strenuous effort in our lives. What is difficult for one can be puzzling to another, unless both have been afflicted with similar symptoms of surviving. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has many commonalities in it's symptomatology, many places for survivors to gather to find comfort within the chaos, connecting progressively with each other.

We must never confuse those who are sincerely recovering, supporting and being supported with those who would disparage.., or worse. I support your blunt expressions, there is no one here that would suppress opinions or feelings about our paths, however to express distrust or assign negativity to a comment made by the positive shares of other's along our path of healing does not promote internal healing, we ultimately hurt ourselves. Instead may I offer, find something useful to create a stable environment in recovery.

Please feel free to comment on this Greg, I look forward to the possibility that personal growth and comfort can again be manifested in a survivor's life choices.

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