Doing a bit better this week. In therapy. It's not easy when you realize what you have lost, and how easily the perpetrators got away with it. It's a horrible feeling.
I'm working my way out of it, and seeing a new psychologist weekly.
I think also being the victim of female on male abuse, at least as a primary abuser, and mother on son abuse on top of that, I also feel "not taken as seriously" kind of, and that makes me feel even more like "nothing". So there is a lot of rage there, but I am working on it. It's hard.
People don't realize that while yes, many people and children are sexually abused every day, in many cases their perpetrator(s) are caught and at least face some judgment. In female on male sex abuse cases, such is often not the case, the women walk off scot-free with little to no judgment and the pain is very real. In my lifetime, having any sense of justice at all given to me is a new concept, and usually I am just ignored and dismissed.
That is what's hard.


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