greetings to all -

I've been a member and very energetic advocate of this website for a number of years, but haven't posted recently so I will take a moment to re-introduce myself. I found MS originally upon learning about the csa history of a man I was involved with.

It was a life-changing event, both the relationship and learning about csa in men. I delved into the research and found out a lot about how I related to men was not necessarily appropriate all the time. Sometimes, yes, but not always. I learned that men, boys, could be victims ever bit as much as women and girls.

Unfortunately I also learned that there were other men in my life who were obviously csa survivors. Some were friends, others are relatives. Most of all, I learned that my son's actions were more likely than not based on his own survivor status.

I knew about this status but because he was so young at the time, I didn't think he knew about it. Then it occurred to me recently (I don't know why not sooner) that perhaps the time I knew about - when he was just a baby and which I took steps to stop - was perhaps not the only time. That there could have been other times, even other abusers.

This hit me as the proverbial bombshell. It also explained so much.

I will let this go now and post my questions below.
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