So I came across some acticles on the net today about a condition called intimacy anorexia.
I had never heard of it before but it describes my husband to the letter.
I couldn't find any info about its relation to csa but to me I would seem like a link would be there. Here are some of the behaviors a intimacy anorexic will display towards their spouse.
Withholding praise
Controling and withholding money
Abstaining from sex (or sex with any intimacy)
not sharing with their partner anything personal
Avoiding one on one time with partner
Showing no to little interest in partners feelings
Critisizing their partner

A don't know that it makes me feel any better that this group of behaviors has a name attached to it. To me is looks like a list of behaviors for someone who has been emotionally tramatized. Some acticles said that often sex addiction or other addictions are involved. It said that I can get worse over time.
So this leaves a lot of us wives and partners between a rock and a hard place.
Currently I deal with my husband's behavior by just doing my own thing. But now I'm wondering if that will only add to our problems. My H will only go camping or do any activities with me if we do it with another couple. I feel like my hands are tied. What do you guys think? What is the best way to handle a spouse with "intimacy anorexia"? He isn't ready to seek help and pushing just makes things worse.
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