I read the article. How many more children have to die before people accept and realize the impact this type of abuse has on a child and for those who survive childhood how their lives are forever impacted. People ask why to of us who survive to adulthood act out,abuse drugs or other substances, dissociate or suffer fugues from this abuse. I ask would they be happier if we had taken the course of so many and did not survive. For me I feel sorrow for those who did not survive and ultimately found a way to heal. I can tell there are so many ignorant people who refuse to accept the abuse exists and the impact it has on the victims life. I am thankful to be alive and to be learning to overcome those around me who inflicted more pain than offering help in healing. For those who did not survive, I believe we need to be here to honor them and to help make changes to encourage people to report, identify abusers and most importantly to learn to understand the plight of survivors.

Let us remember these 26 young and hopeful young people as well as every other child that took their lives to relieve the pain. It is part of our healing.