Classes begin Monday. One class requires a community services project.

An idea I have is to have a survivor(s)holding a big piece of foamcore board. He would be masked and not speak. On the board would be a photo of him about the time he was abused. Written atop would be--

"I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Draw how you feel about me." (Remember guys, pictures are preferred over words. After all this is for an art therapy course.)

I'd have a can of markers available. I might have someone film and post it on FB or YouTube as well. The person holding the sign would be partnered with another person who would be his "voice" and encourage people to participate. He or she would provide details: perp, age, etc.

The message is male victims suffer in silence and anonymity. The purpose is to get people to think and express from the gut and the heart how they feel about the topic of male childhood sexual abuse.

I am thinking of being the man in the mask.

Feedback anyone? Also, I haven't submitted it to the teacher yet.

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