I HATE you, I FUCKING HATE you. I wish cancer on you, I wish you death by 1,000 cuts. Long extended pain which fucks you up and puts you on your knees begging to die. I wish 35 years of pain condensed in a pill shoved down your throat and experienced in one go.
You are a sick, fucked up individual. You are not human.
All you care about is you and your sick perverted needs. Could you ever realise the pain you caused, the lifelong suffering you inflicted? I know it's not just me and my sister, your sick needs must have had other outlets.
Your planning to abuse, the pre-meditated effort to ensure you got your pleasure...just shows what a sick perverted bastard you are. No remorse, just on to the next abuse.
I'm useless, a failure, never amount to anything...that's what you want to hear, that's what will get you off...well FUCK YOU, sometime you will have to pay, here or in another life. My only wish that there was a hell is if you burn in it.