Joe Kort was one of the first people I read about, when I was in the worst of my confusion, who spoke of male sexual abuse victims and the ways they act out. Whenever I read those words "Trauma Turned into Orgasm", it was like a thunderclap in my brain. Suddenly it all just kind of fell together in this huge realization, and I went "OHHHHH, that's what that was all about! Boy do I feel relieved!". I then spoke about it with my therapist at the time who was like "Oh yeah, I hadn't had a chance to speak to you about that yet, but that happens very often in these cases". That bit of knowledge was huge in helping clear things up for me and getting me on a stable recovery path. I've still got a lot of work to do in clearing up the shame and embarrassment, but at least I've got a more solid grasp of my identity now.